How do I negotiate my starting salary?

The money issue is often a little tricky

Defying shyness

How to spend a successful evening among colleagues


They examine the behaviour, development, lifestyle and reproduction of various species of animals

Foreign correspondent

Whether political, cultural or social events, the topics cover a wide spectrum

Looking for a job at 60+?

You’re not necessarily scrap metal

Police dog handler

Anyone who wants to become a police dog handler should be both physically and mentally resilient

Unconscious messages

What your gestures during the job interview reveal about you

Professional firefighter

Above all, the job requires a sense of responsibility, teamwork and a great deal of self-confidence and good adaptability

Every beginning is difficult …

How to master your first day at a new place of work

Speech therapists

One of their main skills is to develop an individual linguistic rehabilitation programme and to implement it along with the patients

A professional presence on Facebook etc.

How social networks can help you look for a job


Un astrophysicien peut se spécialiser dans différents domaines de recherche

Are you still looking or have you found something?

What should you look for in your job search?

Looking for work can be complex and time-consuming. You should ask the right questions: What can I do? What do I want to do? What am I willing to do and under what circumstances? Or, above all, where should I look for it?

Of course, it is good to have an idea of what you would like to do. This allows you to focus better and search more specifically. But sometimes one’s appetite comes only with eating, or rather the idea comes while you’re looking for something.

A profile that you didn’t think of?

A job description that you didn’t know in that specific form? Job pages on the Internet as well as in the newspaper, employment agencies, and brokers offer a variety of positions.

Sometimes trends emerge, with some profiles being more in demand than others. All in all, the offer remains variable and extensive if you look around enough and take full advantage of the potential offered.

To help you get the most out of your job search in the future, we will be describing the process of looking for a job on its various levels and different sub-levels here. You will find both valuable tips from A to Z as well as reminders to refresh some points from time to time. You’ll get information on optimal CV design, proper editing of the application letter, various rules of behaviour for email and telephone contact, job interviews, and social media, different application methods, outfit tips for for appointments etc.

All in all, we would like to offer you a complete package from which you can extract and profit as much as you can. We wish you every success in finding you dream job!