A professional presence on Facebook etc.

September 24, 2018 | Karriär & Jobsich | Nathalie Burg

How social networks can help you look for a job

People often tend to embellish the truth in their letters of application in order to be more convincing. However, everyone should be aware that some information often does not match the claims made on social networks. Jobseekers should pay attention to what they reveal online. It is easy for future employers to “google” job applicants, and many make use of this option. Photos that could point to alcohol or drug abuse are just as unacceptable as gossiping about a former work colleague online.

However, unsubscribing from your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is not necessarily the solution: many employers use these as a tool to find out more about the applicant and to better assess whether they fit into the team. In addition, many job-seekers today become aware of employers via Facebook etc. and vice versa.

It is easy for future employers to “google” job applicants, and many make use of this option.

One should pay attention to the following:

Clean up your profile, take into account the privacy policy.

All information about education and experience should be consistent.

Visit the sites of the potential employer, subscribe to them where applicable, in order to show interest.

Make the profile as professional as possible; future employers will definitely look at it.

Participate in discussions without being pejorative.

In general, one should empathise with the employer and consider how a photo or post could affect them before you publish it.

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