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The right photograph for your application

December 6, 2019 | CV | Nathalie Burg

Authenticity is what matters

The right application photograph is an indispensable part of a CV. A lot of job applicants find it difficult to attach their portrait since the photographs often look staged and artificial.

It does not have to be difficult to have a perfect photograph. With a few simple tips and tricks, your photograph will impress the recruiter.

A professional from the trade.

Choose your photographer thoughtfully. Make sure they know what they are doing and, if necessary, ask to see some of their photographs. If you are convinced, make an appointment. Application photographs should not be taken spontaneously, so take enough time to prepare.

Clothes make people.

On your application photograph, your outfit should be perfect. So think beforehand what is required in your industry. A neat outfit suitable for the desired job is de rigueur! A practical side effect: shirt and jacket can also influence your spirits. This often makes you feel more elegant and professional than in jeans and a shirt, which you also radiate.

Application photographs should not be taken spontaneously, so take enough time to prepare.

Don’t lay it on too thick.

Of course, on a photograph you want to look your best. Some make-up and hair gel can certainly help. However, it is important to come across naturally. Therefore, the rule is: less is more.

Keep your posture upright.

Your posture can make a big difference to a photograph. A sloppy posture or putting your hands in your trouser pockets signal uncertainty or self-doubt. You should also pay attention to displaying a friendly facial expression. If you are unsure whether your smile looks natural, you can certainly ask the photographer for advice.

Courage for creativity.

Normal chest and frontal view is a thing of the past. Try different positions. The extra movement makes you more relaxed and your body language shows it. The background also plays a role and can underline your personality. Are you more of a nature person? Why not go for a natural backdrop. Make sure, however, that the background is discreet and does not distract from you as a person. Bright colours and black are to be avoided.

Working together.

When your photographs are being edited, you should look over the photographer's shoulder. This way you can express your personal wishes and opinion - after all, it's all about you and how you want to present yourself. However, the photograph should not be doctored too much; it still has to be a true reflection of you.

When the photograph is finished, the photographer should send it to you in digital form so you can easily attach it to your CV.

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