The effect of colours

May 9, 2018 | CV | Christopher Arimont

Colours are said to not only be beautiful but to influence the subconscious.

When preparing a CV, care must be taken with many aspects. The colour design is no exception, since colours – like the other elements – convey a message. But what do they mean? Which colour should you choose?

(Luminous) red is a ‘paradoxical’ colour, because it gives the impression of energy, warmth, seriousness, and severity. However, it also stands for anger and means that something is forbidden. However, it is very positive and, due to its strong character, is very dominant, as it is easily visible. It is recommended to use this colour only very sparingly.

The colour orange signifies resilience, creativity, and communication. It expresses vitality and a dose of humour and stands for optimism and spiritual receptiveness.

Yellow (bright red-yellow) stands for the sun, for joy, clarity, and friendship. If this colour is light, however, it’s difficult to read and you only see it if it is surrounded by black and white on the paper.

Green embodies nature and is associated with happiness, hope, and stability. Since it is a secondary colour, it can have a warm or a cool effect.

Blue (preferably light blue) is associated with action and initiative. The colour also expresses loyalty. It projects a subtly positive image. Because of its universal characteristics, people of all age groups like blue and it is suitable for all areas.

Violet (dark purple or lilac) symbolises finesse, discretion, and stability. This colour is well suited for a CV, because it attracts the attention of the reader.

It is advisable not to risk a colour overload of the document in any case.

But here too, less is more. You should not make the document too colourful. Use colour only for headings, certain lines, and background design. One or two colours are sufficient. It is advisable not to risk a colour overload of the document in any case. Go for optimal combinations. The text should generally be written in dark grey instead of black (which is too hard). The most important point is optimal readability. This also applies especially for the black print.

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