Foreign correspondent

November 6, 2018 | Beruffsbiller | Nathalie Burg

The work of a foreign correspondent is very varied. They are sent by their employer, usually a newspaper or a television station, to another country and then report the news and events locally. Whether political, cultural or social events, the topics cover a wide spectrum.

If you want to work as a foreign correspondent, you should show great interest in and at best have a basic knowledge of current affairs and foreign countries and cultures. The person should be flexible, because the working hours are often not regulated, and be able to express themselves in at least one of the three official languages in writing and / or verbally correctly and intelligibly. Any other language is an advantage.

Foreign correspondents usually have a five-year university education in journalism or communication science. A first job experience as a journalist is often also required. Journalism studies can be completed in one of our neighbouring countries.

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