December 4, 2018 | Professional Profiles |

“Anything with animals!”

is often the answer to the question of what one would like to do with one’s life.

Many will eventually take a different direction. Those who fulfil their childhood dreams, namely becoming a zoologist, usually have at least five years of study ahead of them.

The profession of zoologist is very diverse. They examine the behaviour, development, lifestyle and reproduction of various species of animals and typically work in zoological gardens, animal parks or natural history museums. Depending on the specialisation, the zoologist often stays in a laboratory, for example to do research. In the office, they compile reports about the insights gained. Other tasks, such as working with the animal itself, require outdoor activity.

The University of Luxembourg offers a bachelor’s degree in biology. This serves as the basis for a master's programme in zoology, which then has to be completed abroad.

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