Vegetable farmer

May 31, 2018 | Professional Profiles |

Since vegetables obviously don‘t grow on store shelves, they have to be cultivated somewhere. This is where vegetable growers enter the scene. They take care of their goods in the garden, in the field, or in greenhouses and sell them afterwards to markets, private individuals, or other business partners. They must prepare the soil, plant seedlings, use different treatments for dealing with possible parasites and diseases, enrich the soil with fertiliser, monitor the growth of the plants, ensure the maintenance of the irrigation and fertilisation systems, and so on. Creating optimal conditions for the plants is essential.

They take care of their goods in the garden, in the field, or in greenhouses.

They manage the ordering of seeds and seedlings, control the various costs, establish commercial relationships, and organise the work of the employees. They are familiar with plant biology as well as the psychology of plants, different cultivation techniques, as well as parasite types and their management.

Their working rhythm is determined by the seasons. Salaries depend on the company and work status. Knowledge of horticulture and above all permaculture are of great advantage.

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