Supermarket manager

July 4, 2018 | Professional Profiles |

The tasks of a supermarket manager include managing and developing the respective location within the framework of the retail chain’s marketing strategy. They carry out leadership functions, because they are responsible for coordinating all processes related to the business, including administrative, commercial, and financial areas as well as personnel management. They organise shelf arrangements and create optimal designs for these. Since this person implements the respective brand’s marketing strategy, the supermarket manager must also run specific special programmes and sales promotion activities, depending on the specifications given by the company headquarters or procurement centre. What is the aim of this? To increase sales figures and achieve or exceed the set sales targets. Regarding personnel management, they set motivational goals for employees, hire new staff, train employees, assign shifts, organise the cooperation with the Board of Directors, etc. Those aiming to practice this profession should generally demonstrate flexibility. The tasks this job entails are diverse, and many of the measures must be carried out quickly and under time pressure.

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