Press Officer

September 6, 2018 | Professional Profiles |

A printed newspaper article, a 1min30 televised news segment...that's enough to satisfy any press officer! A press officer`s daily challenge is to make the media talk about the officer’s company.

The press officer's job is to write press releases and press kits, send them to reporters and call to make sure they’ve been read. Press officers can provide reporters with any additional information or photos needed to complete an article. A press officer can decide to organize a conference or a press trip to announce the release of a product or the development of a business activity. It's up to him to keep his contact file up-to-date and to read newspapers and magazines regularly, keeping on the lookout for the slightest media coverage of his campaigns.

A press attaché can work on a freelance basis or be employed by a company (public or private), an institution, an agency, a cultural organization or an artist.

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