August 2, 2018 | Professional Profiles |

The magistrates, assisted by clerks, administer justice within their jurisdictions: magistrates’ court, criminal court ... They are civil servants, like prison directors, guidance counselors and probation officers. They have a guaranteed job once their vocational training is complete.

Lawyers and notaries are officers of the court. Their job is regulated. However, they work independently and are paid by their clients. Starting out in these professions can be difficult sometimes, with fluctuating income and activity.

Corporate lawyers, employed by a company, draft contracts (commercial ...). They stay updated with business law, tax law ... and advise their company directors. This is an attractive sector since companies have a high need for specialists.

Asset managers, insurance brokers, tax advisors: there are several careers available to law graduates. Not to forget the numerous civil servants who use their legal knowledge to ensure that companies or citizens abide by the law. Among others, there are also attachés (administrative or regional), and customs, finance, fraud, and work inspectors…recruited through selection procedures across all different levels.

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