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Specialist in the field of balanced nutrition


It goes without saying that in addition to having excellent language skills, you need to have a high degree of concentration


People have been fascinated by the evolution of all life forms since time immemorial


Optometrists are true all-rounders

Environmental Consultant

They propose environmentally friendly ways to improve the living conditions of humans and animals, for example in the context of construction projects

Museum curator

Extraordinary works of art, witnesses of a bygone era, documents of special people or events


If you want to work as a photographer, you should have a certain eye for aesthetics and a good feeling for customer wishes


They examine the behaviour, development, lifestyle and reproduction of various species of animals

Foreign correspondent

Whether political, cultural or social events, the topics cover a wide spectrum

Police dog handler

Anyone who wants to become a police dog handler should be both physically and mentally resilient

Professional firefighter

Above all, the job requires a sense of responsibility, teamwork and a great deal of self-confidence and good adaptability

Speech therapists

One of their main skills is to develop an individual linguistic rehabilitation programme and to implement it along with the patients