Growing organic produce

Organic produce is more popular than ever. How does one become an organic farmer? What does the future of this sector look like?

Good seeds make a good crop

Farmer: A job that demands enthusiasm and versatility

When high-quality offers are crucial

To practice the varied job of a food retailer, you need a range of different competences to complete everyday tasks

Bakery - Confectionery

It is also possible to pursue the profession of a baker and confectioner if you are from an atypical career field

Elderly care

A real need for new recruits in retirement homes - the logical consequences of an aging population

Where Can I Take You?

Becoming a taxi driver in Luxembourg

How to open your food truck

Before becoming active in this area, you must take different regulations into consideration

An eye-opening job

Ophthalmologist - Interesting and complex work with patients of all ages

Sinking your teeth into it

Prevention, prophylaxis, and treatments for healthy teeth


Physiotherapists help with more than just spinal issues


At a butcher’s shop, employees have different qualification levels and working areas

A doctor for all seasons

General practitioner