Taboos during job interviews

August 27, 2018 | Job Interview | Nathalie Burg

Questions that recruiters should not ask

Although lawmakers make it very clear that interviews may only serve to test the candidate’s competence and aptitude in the field, some recruiters are not afraid to ask questions of a somewhat personal nature in their search for new employees.

Absolute no-go’s during the interview include questions about:

Health status

To ask candidates about their physical condition during a job interview is both illegal and discriminatory. Interviewers are only permitted to ask for a doctor’s certificate that serves as proof of the candidate’s ability to work.

Marital status / origin / sexual orientation

Whether one is married, divorced, or single, as well as questions on one’s sexual orientation and family background are not pieces of information that help determine a candidate’s professional qualifications and need not be answered.

Religion / politics

This, too, is personal information that may not be included in the employer’s decision.

So, what should you do if the recruiter asks you an inappropriate question?

Of course, it is not easy to decline to answer. However, one can politely point out the fact that this information does not offer indications on one’s professional expertise. Should you still feel that you have been discriminated against during a job interview, you can report the incident to the labour inspectorate.

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