What are your weaknesses?

Frequently asked interview questions and how to respond

How do I negotiate my starting salary?

The money issue is often a little tricky

Unconscious messages

What your gestures during the job interview reveal about you

Taboos during job interviews

So, what should you do if the recruiter asks you an inappropriate question?

Punctuality, initiative, well-groomed appearance

There are some tips that should be considered if you do not want to leave a negative impression on your first encounter

How to make a good impression

Please take heed of the following points if you wish to leave a positive impression at a job interview

“Really”, “unfortunately”, “never”…

In a job interview, you should be quite deliberate in how you choose your words

“The clothes make the man” – do they, or not?

How should you dress for a job interview?

Music that motivates

Music has a positive impact on motivation, productivity at work, and self-confidence. What kind of music should you listen to before a job interview?

Good presentation

The interview is a key stage in your job search. Here are some points to consider.