Rémi Fouilloy of Morgan Philips

3 Questions to Rémi Fouilloy General Director at Morgan Philips since 2013

Marc Stoffel of Losch

3 Questions to Marc Stoffel, Manager of the firm Losch

Laurence Fransen of Bâloise Assurances

3 Questions to Laurence Fransen HR Director of Bâloise Assurances since 2011.

Emil Fonk of Luxmetall-Bau

3 Questions to Emil Fonk Managing Director & HR Manager of Luxmetall-Bau since 2016

Danielle Crokaerts-Janssens of Key Job SA

3 Questions for Danielle Crokaerts-Janssens Managing Director of Key Job SA since 1986

Karin Scholtes of BIL S.A.

3 Questions to Karin Scholtes HR Director from BIL S.A. since 2014

Gabriel La Terza of Elco S.A.

3 Questions for Gabriel La Terza director of HR for the Groupe Elco since 2012