Pascal Marchesin of Saint-Paul Luxembourg S.A.

3 Questions to Pascal Marchesin HR Director of Saint-Paul Luxembourg S.A.

Carlo Mouschang of Groupe Bourse

3 Questions to Carlo Mouschang HR Director of Groupe Bourse since 2006

Donatella de Angelis of Grant Thornton

3 Questions to Donatella de Angelis Head of HR at Grant Thornton since 2006

Aurore Tripori of RH Experts

3 Questions to Aurore Tripori Senior Consultant at RH Experts since 2017

Anne-Catherine Loiseau of Caceis Bank Lux

3 Questions to Anne-Catherine Loiseau HR Director of Caceis Bank Lux since 2014

Marguerite Thommes of CBL SA

3 Questions to Marguerite Thommes Head of HR at CBL SA since 2006

David Giabbani of Giabbani Attorney’s Chambers

3 Questions to David Giabbani HR Director of Giabbani Attorney’s Chambers

Anne-Sophie Bernasse of L'Enfant Roi nurseries

3 Questions to Anne-Sophie Bernasse Head of HR at L'Enfant Roi nurseries since 2017

Laurent Meunier of Paramedicus

3 Questions to Laurent Meunier financial and HR Director of Paramedicus since 2015

Vicky Dentzer of Cargolux

3 Questions to Vicky Dentzer HR Director of Cargolux since 2011

Bonnie Konter of Accumalux

3 Questions to Bonnie Konter HR Manager at Accumalux since 2014

Christian Weber of CLK Construction

3 Questions to Christian Weber HR Director of CLK Construction