I created my CV – “therefore I am!”

March 16, 2018 | Curriculum Vitae |

Your CV is of crucial importance if you’re looking for a job.

The labour market is a large and wide field that also contains some paradoxes. While some industries or specific trades have a shortage of labour, others are overcrowded.

The labour market is also subject to fluctuations. Ultimately, the economic situation is the decisive element. The time factor also plays a role – what was absolutely necessary yesterday, is no longer so tomorrow.

To express your availability and wishes in this environment, which has its own characteristic communicative practices and guidelines, you have to put your personal career in its entirety in writing. This document is generally known as your CV.

The Larousse dictionary says the following about the CV: it contains the applicant's family status, qualification, professional experience etc. In order to get acquainted with potential employers, you have to present yourself. This should preferably be done concisely, clearly, and as comprehensively as possible.

Some points that MUST be included in a CV:

The following details are essential: personal contact details, including name, telephone number, email address. In addition to this, you need to state your education and training, experience (in the professional environment as well as volunteer activities), competencies (technical, professional, and interpersonal), and language skills, including information on the level of competence attained. In terms of training and professional experience, one should start with the most up-to-date information and provide previous career and qualification information after that.

A further important point is the application photo. Even if it is not used in some countries, it is compulsory in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Visual impact is also important. The curriculum vitae is a kind of business card of the candidate. Therefore, it should be designed properly and present the application in a favourable light.

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