camera lens
The right photograph for your application

It does not have to be difficult to have a perfect photograph

The cover letter

Deliver reasons as an applicant or leave them out?

The power of fonts

The typeface has a direct impact on the CV and the application letter

Seven in one go - Updating your CV

There are several things that indicate that it’s time to update your CV

The effect of colours

When preparing a CV, care must be taken with many aspects. The colour design is no exception, since colours – like the other elements – convey a message.

Speling mistaiks – avoid at all costs!

These errors can be attributed to a lack of precision, according to many HR managers.

Not everything looks good on a CV

If there are points and information that should be highlighted, on the one hand, there are also things that are best left out.

How much detail should be included in a CV?

Applicants sometimes tend to make their CVs very detailed.

A photo in your CV or not?

During the application process, your CV takes the place of an identity document.

The structure makes it

A proper structure in your CV is of utmost priority

I created my CV – “therefore I am!”

Your CV is of crucial importance if you’re looking for a job.