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July 3, 2018 | Career & job search |

How to draw attention to yourself in the recruitment process

Here are some suggestions on how to stand out from your competitors in each part of the recruitment process.

Here are some tips to consider to ensure that an application doesn’t get lost in the bulk of the submissions:

Quality is more important than quantity! Sending off dozens of applications for positions that hardly correspond to your own professional profile means wasting time and is not very efficient. The Internet has contributed to an increase in this behaviour because of the fast data transmission. It is advisable for the candidate to search for the appropriate company and the best job offer and to refrain from sending the same standardised application to all HR managers.

The CV file sent electronically should be in a suitable format (generally, .doc or.pdf). The data package must not be too large. The name of the file should also help HR managers to save time when filing documents. Instead of naming a file something like “CV2017_OK_version2.doc”, you should opt for the following: “CV-surname-firstname.doc”.

If the applicant receives a telephone call from the employer and s/he does not recall the position to which they’ve applied, it can mean a loss of points. You can maintain an overview by checking and recording all applications (in Excel, for example).

You can maintain an overview by checking and recording all applications.

Making contact with an HR manager demonstrates the necessary motivation and strong interest in the position advertised. In this way, you can make sure that your application has been considered properly. This is a simple tip for getting to the top of the document stack. It is advisable to do this by email if you have not received a reply two or three weeks after sending the application. Please make sure however that it doesn’t turn into a form of harassment!

If you send an email in which you thank the company after the job interview, it shows courtesy and also that you are motivated. If the person responsible for the appointment requests you to send information, such as references, administrative documents etc., you can thank them again for the interview. This simple form of communication can fix you in the mind of the HR manager, and you can gain brownie points in a subtle way.

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