Questioning yourself

July 5, 2018 | Career & job search |

If you’re not making progress in the job search, you need to change a few things



The recruitment process is rarely a short one and always takes place in several stages: reading CVs, weeding out applications, a first phone interview, the in-person interview… An application can be rejected at any of these stages. To reach the end of the process, you should question yourself at every stage.


If you’re responding to job offers, but never receive a reply, the reason may be the target group. Perhaps the profile does not quite match the offer. You should therefore select suitable offers and precisely tailor the application to every position.


If you only receive rejections, this means that your profile is currently not needed or certain competences are missing. In this case, you can expand the search while at the same time building competences, for example language skills.


An invitation to an interview is a good sign. But if this is the end of the road, the reason may be your behaviour during the meeting: Hesitating when answering, talking too much or too little, lack of preparation, or an arrogant impression can have a negative influence on the final decision. Pay attention to your choice of words, ask the right questions, and give the right answers – this is how you can improve your chances.


If you don’t make it into the final selection, this may be due to your salary expectations or other demands. If you demonstrate flexibility, this can have a positive effect.


You should not hesitate to ask why if you receive a rejection. This will help you finetune your application for future job offers and finally lead to a happy ending.

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