Looking for a job at 60+?

October 25, 2018 | Career & job search | Nathalie Burg

You’re not necessarily scrap metal

"Completely inflexible", "old-school" – the stereotypes about senior citizens are numerous and often make life difficult for job-seekers.

“So how do you convince others of your worth?”


Thanks to your (long) professional career, during which you may have been able to get to know a wide range of companies and work areas, you have the strength to adapt to and deal with a wide variety of problems. As a senior citizen, you know your own strengths and weaknesses and excel at assessing yourself.


Companies consider senior citizens to be more efficient than many of their younger colleagues. This advantage gives the company a certain credibility in the eyes of customers who are looking for a professional negotiating partner.


Long-term professional experience is an important criterion. Together with your adaptability, this results in a profile that should appeal to many employers.


Expertise comes with experience. Your expertise should be highlighted during the job interview, because after many years of professional activity, your sensitivity and knowledge are far greater than that of your younger colleagues.


There is no reason to apologise for your age. Turn it into an advantage: 60+, likeable, motivated worker and up-to-date with the latest development – undoubtedly the ideal candidate.

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