Applying: The structure makes the difference

July 12, 2018 | Career & job search |

You can improve your application with a bit of care

Even though the Internet has influenced application processes and procedures, it hasn’t changed the basic structure. It is beneficial to know about some of the pitfalls, to avoid them, and to avoid mistakes. After all, an application is supposed to survive the recruitment process.

Precision is one of the key words, especially in the case of the cover letter. This should remain an element in itself at all costs. With the mail itself, one should be brief and succinct and try to stay under 1000 words for improved readability on a screen.

The best is to express yourself clearly, come to the point at once without beating about the bush (while remaining polite) and without using long sentences with nested-in clauses – like here – as they complicate comprehension and don’t add any real value to the matter.

A personal application letter is also good. Nobody likes worn-out standard phrases. It should also be read again carefully, either by yourself or by someone else. Spelling errors or unfortunate text changes caused by copy/paste occur quickly and are badly received by recruiters. Even worse is using a false name or that of the competitor.

The text structure also plays an important role. Sufficient spacing makes reading easier. An unformatted text (bold, colour, italics...) is better because not all email programs display formatting correctly.

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