The four phases to burn-out

Burn-out is one of the most common illnesses among employees

The holidays are numbered

In order to resume work after a relaxing holiday without stress and on the right foot, workers should follow the following practical tips

empty pocket, no diploma
Career without an academic degree - is that possible?

How to be successful without an academic degree

working in home office
Working from home

What consequences does working from home have and what duties does it entail?

Applying during summer

Why it may be advisable to apply in the summer

stack of paper
Stand out as a candidate

In order for your application to stand out and attract your potential employer's attention


No reason to bury your head in the sand

On the same wavelength

How to get on with your colleagues

Workplace checklist

How to make your daily work as comfortable as possible

Defying shyness

How to spend a successful evening among colleagues

Looking for a job at 60+?

You’re not necessarily scrap metal

Every beginning is difficult …

How to master your first day at a new place of work